Forms (Student Use)

Go to Academic Regulations for details of the following:

Quality Assurance

Academic Misconduct Procedure

General Misconduct Procedure

Complaints Handling Procedure

Forms to download and complete

Recognition of Prior Learning

Applicants who consider that they may be eligible for RPL should first read B4: Recognition of Prior Learning Policy, before contacting the ORMS Admin Team to arrange further discussion with a member of the programme or course management team. This discussion will enable the applicant to decide whether to proceed with a full claim and to clarify the evidence required, including level of learning, the subject area of the module and the nature of the evidence to be provided.
When the evidence has been submitted, this will be examined by a member of the programme team who will prepare the RPL report for consideration by the Course Management Team.
Submission of evidence must be completed and successful prior to the offer of a confirmed place on the programme. Therefore, you should plan to submit your evidence at least 2 months prior to the start day of the programme you wish to enrol on.

Extenuating circumstances.

The forms should be used where you, the student, wishes to make ORMS aware of circumstances which have impacted on your performance in an assessment or non-submission/non-attendance at an examination.

Interruption of Studies

Students may, for a variety of reasons, want to interrupt their studies. Students should make their request to ORMS, and it is for ORMS to decide whether or not to recommend the interruption, taking into account the guidance below

Misconduct Procedures

Misconduct (both Academic and general Misconduct) are dealt with through the following policies:

Occupational Health Compliance and Monitoring

Occupation Health Compliance and Monitoring Form

Consent Forms – Using Live Casualties

D2a: Live Casualties Declaration of Consent Form

D3: Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration Forms

D3a: Application Form for special consideration for a disadvantaged candidate (Internal Request)

D3b: Application Form for special consideration for a disadvantaged candidate (Awarding Body Request)

D3c: Application Form for special consideration for a disadvantaged candidate (Awarding Body agreement required)